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The Auction is free to the public, to enter just  come in the office during the preview time  and “sign in”.  You will  need to give

them your drivers license and  fill in the bidders number form, then sign a liability waver  to enter the yard.  (They will  keep your license until you return your bidder number card)

The interested Auction buyers then have from 12:noon -to- 2:pm  to preview the vehicles that are being sold.  Your welcome to bring a few tools and a jump box to make a more informed decision.

The Auction Vehicle  number, along  with the Invoice number,  Year, Make and model  are written on the windshield of each car. 

At the bottom, IF it has Keys or Runs, (if it’s not written it’s unknown or obviously not) ask the “key attendant” at the back door of the office for the keys to

the car you wish to look at  by the corresponding Auction Vehicle Number (the circled  one) that person will ask you for your bidder number and  lend you the keys,

please return the keys back to them to be checked off the list.

Wrecking yards usually set the prices at or near scrap worth, Bidding goes up in 20.00 dollar increments unless called out by a “buyer” 

All sales are finale, and vehicles will be paid for at the end of each Auction.   

Cars can be picked up until 5:pm Saturday and by appointment on Sunday.

You have until the following Tuesday to remove your purchased vehicle before we start charging you storage at $50.00 per day. 

Vehicles not removed are considered abandoned and will be re-impounded in purchasers  name.

After the Auction is over, form a line at the front door and wait for the staff to move back inside.  Once the door is OPEN, present your bidder card and your paperwork will be done in front of you,

(your finale bid price plus tax  based on the county of impound) an AVR will be given to you on the spot.

The vehicle is now yours,  and you are free to take it,  make arrangements like a pick up time and date when you have availability before the following Tuesday,  or - to have it towed. 

Also, please ask the staff  members if you have any questions.


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